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Sulbutiamine, more effective mental performance

As a synthetic derivative of thiamine, Sulbutiamine can cause a more effective treatment versus other analogues of Vitamin B1, because it helps increase the lipophilicity of Thiamine allowing an increase in Thiamine and Thiamine Esters in the brain, which means sulbutiamine is capable of better transportation across the blood-brain barrier where it can interact with your central nervous system.Sulbutiamine is categorized as a nootropic which is a class of supplements shown to help improve memory, learning capacity, decision-making, concentration, focus, and is most frequently used in a nootropic stack with other supplements to boost energy levels and general brainpower. It has a positive effect on mood and is reported to improve mental performance when engaging in intellectually demanding tasks.

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Cocoa flavanol & Mood-Boosting, Cardiovascular Health

Cocoa flavanol act as a powerful mood-enhancer, packed with compounds that increase levels of endorphins and serotonin in our brain; these are the chemicals that cheer us up, reduce anxiety, and give us a general sense of well-being. It also has several beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, such as lowering of blood pressure, improving vascular function and glucose metabolism, and reducing platelet aggregation and adhesion due to its positive effects included activation of nitric oxide synthase, increased bioavailability of nitric oxide, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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CocoabuterolTM, Essence of Cocoa, Activate your body’s natural power

CocoabuterolTM is a new dietary weight loss supplement to activate thermogenic fat burning within the body and boost your energy and mood. CocoabuterolTM is the Natural Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) extract concentrating the most bioactive compounds using the latest technologies. The major active ingredients of CocoabuterolTM are natural polyphenols and alkaloids. All of these naturally occurring phytochemicals have incredible benefits throughout the body.

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GBB, Key conversion through in biosynthesis process of L-carnitine

Gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB) is a highly water-soluble derivative of gamma-amino butyric acid and a precursor of the amino acid L-carnitine. L-Carnitine could be formed from GBB by GBB dioxygenase or through the β-oxidation-like pathway. Just as its naturally-occurring equivalent, the compound serves as a precursor to the production and conversion of L-carnitine in the human body. L-carnitine has several functions in terms of digestion, metabolism and fat breakdown and without its conversion through GBB in the biosynthesis process, a lot of bodily functions will be compromised.

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In Depth Explore Into D-Aspartic Acid and N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid

DAA carries out most of its function by converting to N-Methyl-D-Aspartic acid (NMDA) in the presence of NMDA synthetase which is present in rats and many other animals. NMDA, a well-known activator of NMDA receptor, is estimated to be 100 times more potent than DAA in stimulating the NMDA receptor. When the two excitatory amino acids of NMDA and DAA are used in combine, rather than compete with each other, they work synergistically and the endocrine stimulating effect is almost doubled.

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BCAAs & HICA | Practical & Classic

The High Efficient and Safety Body Building Solution Leucine, isoleucine and valine are known collectively as BCAAs. They were successively found firstly from cheese, pancreas and beet syrup two centuries ago. As necessary amino acids, BCAAs is closely related to our exercise abilities. HICA is considered as an anti-catabolic substance, as an end product of leucine metabolism in human muscle and connective tissues, also known as leucic acid or DL-2-hydroxy-4-methylvaleric acid. Like the BCAAs, some foodstuffs produced by fermentation, e.g. certain cheeses, wines and soy sauce contain HICA

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Halostachine, mild sympathomimetic agent

Halostachine (also known as N-methylphenylethanolamine) is a natural product of an alkaloid from Asia, a shrub, for the first time isolated from salt-wood (Halostachys belangeriana), the structure of β-hydroxy-phenylethylamine Phenylethanolamine) related to its more widely known "parent" biogenic amines, phenylethanolamine, epinephrine to epinephrine drugs, and the alkaloids of ephedrine. The pharmacological properties of methotrexate have some similarity with the structure-related compounds, and the salt-ear wood extract has been listed as a component of some OTC dietary supplements [1] but methotrexate has never been developed as prescription. Although it is found in nature to be a single stereoisomer, methamidol is more commonly used in its formation as a synthetic product of racemates

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Epicatechin, really provides performance and athletic benefits

Epicatechin is quite a beneficial flavonol, found in foods already generally recognized as healthy. It has been shown to even regenerate muscle tissue which is very important when trying to put on muscle mass, thus giving you the ability to get back to th

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